Visit Jhabua


The best way to learn is to experience.


Visiting Jhabua can be the best way to learn about the Bhil people. When you can see for yourself, why rely on hear say??  We go distances to see monuments and for tourism. But when it comes to knowing our own tribal brethren, why do we wish to rely on secondary sources? Come, visit Jhabua, live with us and learn with us.

Every year students from prestigious institutions like IITs, TISS, IIM, NIETI etc. visit Jhabua to learn about Bhil people and work of Shivganga. The world is coming to Jhabua, why be left behind?? Visit Jhabua.

You can come alone, or you can come with a group. Contact us and schedule a visit. You can come anytime, or you can also schedule your visit to coincide with any of our Program to get a glimpse of not only Jhabua but also out work in action.

We can arrange for accommodation and transport facility for you at minimal cost to cost basis.

Please drop us a mail at or contact us on phone.

Contact Person: Shri Rajaram Katara  Ph: +91 9425322160

Nearest Railway Station : Meghnagar (MGN) on Delhi Mumbai line.

Nearest Airport : Indore (157 KMs)