Jhabua - Land of Bheels

Bheels are Excellent Bowmen who have been inheriting this art since time immemorial.

Jhabua - The Land of Culture

Where celebration of Life goes along with Work...


The people of Jhabua have a distinct culture, social structure and economy of their own. Throughout the history, these people have remained isolated from the rest of the World. The limited interaction they have had with the outside world, has been an Exploitative one and quite disadvantageous to them. No serious attempts were ever made to understand their society and were always looked down upon. Various myths were spread about them.
Bhils are Simple people. As a result the Outsiders went on exploiting them. As a reflex, this society also went on to close itself to the outer world. This all resulted into their isolation. And with the changing world, the winds of change could not move their sails. And they were left behind when the outside world progressed.
Bhils today engage in Agriculture, and that too on a land which is undulating and stoney. The hard work they put in is immense. In absence of irrigation facilities, most of the youth migrate to cities in Rajasthan and Gujarat and work as unskilled labourers in places like construction of roads.
At the same time these people are exploited by moneylenders who lend them money at exorbitant rate of interest which at times are as high as 50%. So most of the families are caught in the vicious cycle of indebtedness. To worsen the things the money these Bhils bring in from working outside is also exhausted in paying back interest in return of these debts. As a result, although these people earn a lot of money, they end up owning nothing and working hand to mouth always.

Jhabua is a District in the State of Madhya Pradesh dominated by Tribal Population mainly comprising of Bhil, Bhilala and Patelia tribes. Jhabua historically was a heavily forested area where the population depended mostly on the forest products. However during the British Rule, the forests were cut down for the precious Timber these forests held. So also changes the life and livelihood of these people. Now they became mostly Agriculturists settling down in Villages, as we find them today. The major problems being faced today in Jhabua are -

  • Water Conservation
  • Unemployment
  • Very High Indebtedness
  • Lack of Education
  • Unskilled Migration 
  • Incorrect image in Society
  • Inaccessibility to Government Schemes and Institutions
  • Unaware of latest Technology
  • Shyness and lack of self confidence
  • Lack of awareness about the outside world
  • Lack of alternate employment