Internship for Students

You can intern with us at Shivganga Jhabua. Students from IITs have been doing their social internship with us. Jhabua provides a lot of scope to study various facets like Appropriate Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Culture, Social issues like Sanitation, Health, Education etc.

We will provide you a certificate on the successful completion of the internship, and more importantly an experience that would definitely play a role in shaping your life.


Internship for Professionals

Jhabua needs much support from Professionals. Professionals from various fields can intern with us to discover how their skills can help in Developing Jhabua. This is an endeavour towards developing a Technology with a Human touch.

Apply for Internship

To Apply for internship please mail an application for internship to us at . Your Application should include following points - 

  1. Detailed Resume
  2. Purpose of Internship
  3. Time and Duration of Internship desired
  4. Contact Details

If you need more information, we will be pleased to connect you with our previous interns. Please mention specifically in your application if you so desire.