Social Entrepreneur – Vinod Taank

IMG_20170125_202958Vinod Taank is a post graduate from TISS(Tata Institute of Social Science) Mumbai and a social entrepreneur based in Jhabua. Vinod is working to create a poultry infrastructure to conserve and breed the rare breed of Kadaknath chicken. He is working on skill development of farmers, providing them chicks to rear, establishing backward and forward linkage. He has already started generating livelihood amongst the villagers.

Vinod first came to Jhabua to visit Shivganga as part of his course work in TISS. Students from TISS come every semester to Shivganga. During the visit he realised the potential of this exotic breed of Kadaknath. Later on he came back to Jhabua to further study his project.

Shivganga strongly believes in entrepreneurship development and sees it as a desirable way forward for sustainable development. Shivganga is proud to have stood with Vinod as a hand holding organisation during his period of entrepreneurial struggle.

Vinod is a role model for both the youth of Jhabua and also enterprising youth from around the nation who are looking forward to take up Social Entrepreneurship.

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